Flex-ChEV Aalborg workshop on 06/11/2015

The workshop of the Flex-ChEV project is being organized in Aalborg on 06. November 2015.
The workshop is organized by prof. Guerrero. This interactive workshop will present initial results from the project and its future research directions. While the main goal is to inform and replenish the participants with fresh ideas, it is also highly desirable to collect their thoughts and impressions.
The invitation can be found here - Aalborg workshop invitation.

Zagreb coordination meeting

Coordination meeting of the Flex-ChEV was held on 02/10/2015 from on Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing in Zagreb, Croatia.
The meeting was hosted by prof. Kuzle and prof. Guerrero and representatives of Koncar inc. were present. More information can be found in the meeting short presentation.
The goal of the meeting was to coordinate future activities and discuss future collaborations.

Team members at Zagreb coordination meeting in October

Flex-ChEV project in media

The Dubrovnik workshop short review was published in the coorporate monthly magazines "HEP Vjesnik" and "Koncarevac"
The publications can be found here: HEP Vjesnik, Koncarevac.

Magazine covers

2nd Flex-ChEV workshop

As a part of IPST 2015 Conference and ERANET project Flex-ChEV the 2nd International Workshop of the project Flexible Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure was held in June 18/06/2015 from 04.00 AM - 20.00 PM in Cavtat, Croatia.
The given presentations and meetings with industry partners Koncar and HEP were hosted by prof. Kuzle. More information can be found in the Workshop invitation.
All of the presentation can be downloaded in the "Deliverables" section.

Individual presentations

2nd Flex-ChEV workshop

Draft of the report on the working packages

A draft version of the project current status of the work packages can be found in "Deliverables" section.

Zagreb coordination meeting 03/06/2015

Coordination meeting of the Croatian partners was held at the faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing at 3rd June.
The aims of the discussion was organization of the upcoming Flex-ChEV workshop in Dubrovnik. Representatives from all parteners were present: alongside Flex-ChEV team, Stjepan Sucic as Koncar representative, Ivica Skoric and Tina Jakasa as HEP Opskrba representatives and Maja Rajcic as ERANET Coordinator.

ERA-net day Zagreb 27/02/2015
Flex-ChEV Presentation

Info day ERA-Net Smart Grids Plus was held on Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Zagreb on 27th February 2015.
The event ERA-net Smart Grids plus info day was hosted by Croatian national coordinator: Environmental protection and energy efficiency Fund in coordination with University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.

The purpose of this info day was promote the new ERA-net call, share experience gained through the last call where FLEX-ChEV project is included and discuss future activities and actions. The event was open for all participants and was sponsored by EU Parliament Member dr. Davor Skrlec.
The Flex-ChEV presentation can be found in "Deliverables" section.

Igor Kuzle presenting

Flexible Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure:
2nd Flex-ChEV Workshop

Electric Vehicles Workshop will be held as part of International Conference on Power Systems Transients 2015.
The 11th IPST Conference will be hosted by the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing, Croatia, in collaboration with local utility industry.
The workshop will be held on Thursday 18th June 2015.
The purpose of this workshop is to get an update of what is going on in the FLEX-ChEV project and discuss future activities in coordination with stakeholders and companies. The workshop is open for all participants. We hope interested parties will have time to come and benefit from the networking function.
The preliminary schedule and invitation can be found in "Deliverables" section.

Cavtat, Croatia

International Workshop on:

Under the MicroGrid Research Programme and ERANET project Flex-ChEV the International Workshop on FLEXIBLE ELECTRIC VEHICLE CHARGING INFRASTRUCTURE was held on November 06/11/2014 from 09.00 AM - 04.00 PM in Aalborg.
The given presentations and visits to experimental laboratories took place on the Aalbrog University and were hosted by prof. Guerrero. More information can be found here.
All of the presentation can be downloaded in the "Deliverables" section.

Aalborg workshop

IEEE PES Presentation by Dr. Dragicevic

Power and Energy Society in collaboration with Industry Application Society of the IEEE Croatia section organized the lecture titled:
The lecture took place on the University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing on 27th of October 2014. The original call can be found here.
The presentation is located in the "Deliverables" section.

Flex-ChEV project kick-off meeting

A kick-off meeting of the ERANET Clex-ChEV project was held in Oslo on 17th June where main project outlines and goals were agreed on. The meeting was led by prof. Bernt Bremdal.

Diagram of the electric vehicle charging station supplemented with energy storage systems

Flex-ChEV project start

Flex-ChEV is a project grantet by SmartGrids ERA-NET (3rd SmartGrids ERA-Net Joint Call). The project funding is given to Narvik University College, Aalborg University and University of Zagreb Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Computing.
The project owner is prof. B?rre Bang.
Project funding lasts from March 3, 2014 to Feb. 29, 2016


Electric Vehicles (EV) chargers are expected to play a significant role in the total consumption of developed countries across the world. Besides, there is a global tendency to make power systems independent of fossil fuels by additional increases in the shares of renewable energy resources. Both of these effects tend to push the future power systems more and more towards the boundaries of safe operation. Today’s commercially available EV chargers are not flexible and present significant disturbance sources for the grid. On the other hand, flexible chargers proposed in academic literature introduce several drawbacks mostly concerned with compromising the comfort level of vehicle owners and rapid degradation of HEV’s batteries. Therefore, preservation of power systems secure operation will require new interventions to increase the flexibility of HEV chargers in a cost-effective way.
Proposed project is focused on theoretical development and experimental verification of a new generation of fast EV charging stations (CSs). Its principal functionality is to use dedicated ESS within the station to compensate the adverse effects caused by charging, as seen from the grid. Flexible fast CS will be an essential part of the future intelligent power systems as projected by the smart grid concept.
The international consortium brings together leading research institutions and industrial companies from native countries of involved partners. Final experimental tests for developed control strategies will be carried after the results from the partners are consolidated into a system oriented integral platform. Verifications will be done in the intelligent MicroGrid laboratory, a world-class experimental facility at Aalborg University.


  • Electric Vehicles;
  • Flexible Charging Stations;
  • Smart Grids;
  • Energy Storage;
  • Hybrid electrical vehicles

Flexible Electric Vehicle Charging Infrastructure

Josep Guerrero as Keynote Speaker at ENERGYCON2014

Professor Josep Guerrero gave a plenary speech on ENERGYCON 2014 on May 16th as a keynote speaker. The topic involved Microgrid Technologies for Future Electric Vehicle Charging Stations.
Please find the presentation here:

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